Opinion Writing

Us kids that go to public schools should get paid for going to school, because I would want to go to school more, and probably everyone would want to go to school. For example: we would get 5$ every hour so at the end of the day we will have 40$ and we would get 40$ every day for every school year.
            Everyone would like school we would give parents less struggle to go to take their kids to school in the morning. We will have over 100$ by the end of the year. Everyone would love school. For example: end of day teacher hands everyone there money before they leave but if a kid checks out tough luck because they will only get the amount of money that they earned for being there like 25$.
By the end of the day we can go buy the things we always wanted or if you are wanting something even better than I would save up and get that thing instead. For example: we can buy a whole set of a series if you want to. We really should get paid for school 100%.

Authored by:
Tyler Cook, 4th Grad…

The Great Kindness Challenge at Central

Great Kindness Challenge* Written by Peyton Williams, Fourth Grade Central Kid
     Do you know what the great kindness challenge is?  The great kindness challenge is where you are kind to other people but you should always be nice to other people,  and on different days you get to dress up. For example on Monday we were supposed to wear neon,and on Tuesday it was superhero day wear a superhero shirt, and on Wednesday we can wear camo green or orange, on Thursday we get to dress up like a decke (or every ten years),and on Friday we can wear miss match  clothes.  On Tuesdays and Thursday there is something called the great kindness station and you can make a card for someone. See why the great kindness challenge is so AWESOME!The great kindness challenge is like a chain or dominos when you set up the dominos then you push one and they all fall over! That is like kindness when you give someone a card or you smile at them or even say something nice it will spread what I mean is they will…

K Kids Are...

Written by... Peyton, Jayden ,Peyton,Klaire, Brayden.

Peyton.K     -Kindand caring

BraydenI- interactiveandimportant


PaytonD-Determined to make the best

Confident in 2017

The following post was written by Christy Launius, our wonderful music teacher.
It’s January again!  It’s that time when many of us think about our goals and dreams for the coming year.  (Didn’t we just do this? It feels like 2016 flew by!) At Central, many teachers and students choose to simplify this and just choose ONE WORD to sum up our purpose and desires for the coming year. This process is explained in the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. I struggled this January deciding on my One Word for 2017.  There were many words that I considered, like PERSISTENT, DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENT, PRESENT and GIVE.  Although those words are all great, they didn’t quite seem to fit how I was feeling. As I continued to ponder my word, there was a reoccurring thought process that I realized has always been my default thinking.  Without realizing it, I usually negotiate with myself to settle for less than what I actually dream of doing or being. I then…

Sunshine at Central

The following post was written by 4th grade student, Kalyn Faulkner.
When it is cold, rainy, and just plain gloomy, Central Elementary makes their  own sunshine in the building. They never let anything get them down because all the students and teachers have great friends and those friends won’t let anyone hurt their best friend. At Central everyone is a great big family. Mrs.Hill and every other teacher will make sure that you and everyone around you is safe and that you get all the education you need!
NO BULLIES ALLOWED!! You will never have to worry about bullying problems because you can sure rely on the teachers, they will handle the problem. Mrs.Howard is our counselor here at Central, she always has your back and will give you great advice to carry out your life happy and  stay strong.

Central loves everyone and everyone in it. If someone gets hurt the ground won’t hold you a friend will, a teacher, someone you can trust will be holding you in there arms and they will help you thr…

Love, Learn, Lead: A Mission and a Vision

The following post was written by Bethany Hill, Lead Learner of Central Elementary.

Back in July, our school's leadership team met one evening to make some plans for the upcoming year. When we meet, we discuss many things...some procedural and housekeeping type things, and mostly plans for helping our school better serve kids and families. One of the simple housekeeping tasks on our list was designing what would be on our staff shirt for the new school year. Little did I know how important this would become. 
I have served at Central for two years and one semester, and each day of service has been so fulfilling. I have learned so much about myself as a person, educator, and advocate for kids. My voice has strengthened, and my passion for doing what is best for kids has become a relentless mission. Not a day goes by where I am not inspired by a staff member, child, or family member. Some days my heart breaks for kids, and some days it is overflowing for them. Many days a combination …

Never too Old to Learn

The following post was written by Central 4th Grade Teacher, Dawn Coyle. 

You’re never too old to learn …
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I’m guilty of asking this question to my students.  My favorite answers are when they list more than one dream job!  I love that they are open to more than one option of what they want do when they are older.
Growing up I remember at different times during school wanting to be a hair dresser, a secretary, or an accountant. Going to college was never discussed as an option in our family.  During high school I worked at a grocery store as a cashier which is where I learned to make and count back change!  That was in 1986, long before scanning and computerized registers.  I tell my students that is why I still know how to make 100 so quickly because of giving back change for a dollar!
After that I went on to become a Mommy!  The best “job” in the world!  Once my daughter started kindergarten I started taking college courses so I could be an ac…